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    IOC‘s mission is to build a platform that introduces leading OD theory and practices into China and co-creating with the Chinese wisdoms and practices to to awaken the consciousness of leaders, to support Chinese enterprises/organizations to realize business transformation and innovation, and to nurture the growth of local OD professionals.


    To be a leading innovative OD platform in China that taps into the wisdom of East and West.

  • OUR Platform Rational

    Co-creating innovative practices of organization development in China and

    Catalyzing ecosystem leadership to transform organization and innovation!


    Catalyzing ecosystem leadership and organization development practices in China!

    IOC’s Certificate for Competencies in Organization Development (COD) is geared toward HR professionals, leaders, managers, and both internal and external consultants who want to create effective and adaptive organizations in the context of a rapidly changing global marketplace. Organizations in today’s world must be able to manage both growth and complexity while keeping their workers motivated and dealing with change. HR business partners, leaders and consultants must have consulting skills and knowledge of change theory, organizational analysis and diagnosis, interventions and team dynamics in order to help organizations succeed.


    This is a workshop that changes people and organizations...

    Using unique, immersive exercises and strategic frameworks grounded in the proven methodology, this workshop shapes leaders with lasting impact. It translates to everything they do when they leave...


    In this workshop, participants will develop a deeper understanding of themselves and of team dynamics by being members of a group that is working to become a learning team. By practicing skills and analyzing their performance, participants learn in a grounded and personal way to see when and how to intervene in the group dynamics of a team.

    Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their strengths and challenges as a Team Process Consultant, and to identify their own unique developmental path in this complicated and challenging role. They will be able to experiment in a real-time team situation, and receive feedback from colleagues about their effectiveness in group settings.

    The six-box model is a framework developed by the American analyst Marvin Weisbord to assess the functioning of organizations. It is a generic framework and is intended for use across a wide variety of organizations. It is based mainly on the techniques and assumptions of the field of organizational development.

    Weisbord's model is particularly useful when the consultant does not have as much time as would be desirable for diagnosis, when a relatively uncomplicated organizational map is needed for quick service, or when the client is unaccustomed to thinking in systems terms. In the latter case, the model helps the client to visualize his or her organization as a systemic whole without the use of strange terminology.


    ioc's partner

    Maria Wang

    • IOC's Co-founder and Partner
    • OD consultant & Executive coach
    • Power+System Center certified trainer

    Morris Yan

    • IOC's Partner
    • OD Consultant
    • Power+System Center certified trainer
    • MA of Organizational Reform and Development in Manchester University


    • OD Consultant
    • Nation second-class psychological consultant
    • Master of human resources
    • Executive coach
  • IOC Cooperator

    IOC has an excellent consulting team, made up by top domestic and foreign consultants in OD field.

    MARY lOU

    • OD Consultant
    • adjunct professor at the University of Maine


    • OD Consultant
    • Workshop Trainer
    • Author
    • Speaker


    • Executive Coach
    • Consultant
    • Facilitator
    • Speaker

    John D. Carter

    • Center President for Organization & Systems Development (Gestalt OSD Center)
    • international organizational consultant


    • OD Consultant
    • OD Professor
    • British partner

    Gestalt Center for Organization & System Development



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